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  1. Now a septuagenerian never recollect going in search of happiness periods of “unhappiness” have been ephemeral when you enjoy what you do there is no clear distinction between “work” and holidaying Striking a work – life balance 4 day 5 day week is a new concep of the last 2 decades A Neurosurgeon trained in the BC era we never lcomplained of a 8 day week we enjoyed every moment it was not work it was pleasure.Do the job you hate the most is out of necessity individuals who are passionate about any “work” are never unhappy at any age

  2. Ahh the simple pleasures of life! We are always running around, comparing and competing with each other..and for what? I do get bouts of nihilism, emptiness, insecurities and frustration now and then, which is quite natural I guess and i feel the only way to get over all these is to stop comparing our lives, embrace our uniqueness and enjoy the present!!

  3. Happiness contentment satisfaction are all characteristics connected to living a meaningful life . A life that is devoid of jealousy vindictiveness and dissatisfaction and with love for all is a life well lived.

  4. Now is the time to makeup for lost time – concentrate on the simple joys, notice how food tastes better & lingers longer, when your eyes are closed.
    Treat yourself to a G&T whenever you feel like it.
    Put your feet up & do nothing for a good recharge.
    Listen to your inner voice to guide you when to slow down or pace up.
    And let the music play on —Que sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be.

    Listen to your inner voice to guide you when to slow down or pace up.

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