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  1. It is very much true that we start forgetting atleast few things as our aging process will to shed off few unimportant or infrequently remembered events.

    But all those will go and sit in the bottom layer. And they may come up sometime in our life.

    Things regularly practiced many times daily ( like prayers) will never be forgotten.

    Well, if we do not forget, our mind and brain will be a dust bin. We can not be friendly with some of our relatives.So we must clear the unwanted things…memories and live happily.

    Forget, forgive and live happily..

  2. I agree with all points except the use of mobile phones. Immaterial of the age -students,from junior lecturers to senior professors get distracted easily.
    Discipline factor also plays an important role.Adhering to the self discipline by student & ensuring it in the class by the teacher is important for effective lear

  3. Thank you so much for sharing an article on Better Memory In The Age Of Information Overload. It answered many of the questions / clarifications,I had relating to information retention in this age of Social Media explosion with too many content for human brain to observe . Thank you once again Sir 🙏

  4. Hi Uncle Arjun,

    Thanks for sharing this update.

    Most don’t realize how to use their Smartphones to gain the maximum benefits out of it.

    Eventhough there is easy access to a lot of information, people do not retain that knowledge.

    The reasons being that they never take the time to reflect on the knowledge acquired and do not put it into practice .

    Thanks for sharing some of these insights. I am definitely going to put it in practice to reap the maximum benefits

  5. Memory at best is selective n oftentimes we recall only the topics of interest to us. Most other issues tend to be hazy at best. Cheers. M. Alagappan

  6. Sharpen the mind by keeping good memories alive…Share life’s happy times with people who matter most!
    Roads travelled many times and words written by hand …are good sources of memories

  7. Yes, best not to fret about forgetting.
    Engage with a variety of activities, preferably new & unfamiliar ones, that tickle & tease the brain.
    Such activities are said to strengthen memory recall & retention.
    A good solution to information overload could be – garbage in, garbage out.
    Sometimes, less is more

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