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  1. Programmed daily routines is a disciplined method of avoiding procrastination and completing tasks in a time bound manner. In school we follow time tables to complete the syllabus so also in life we chart out our routine and comfortably sail through life .

  2. Very true discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons
    Difficult not to have regrets but try and change your thought process to accept and see how you will not make the same mistake again

  3. Having a routine and setting the goals for the day , for the week is the very liberating . By having this set framework, one is not wandering in life aimlessly. This principle helps us all in whatever stage we are at in life.๐Ÿ˜€

    1. You are so right Gowri, although discipline implies boundaries, it is remarkably liberating. It is a fundamental requisite to being productive, at least not aimlessly idle!

  4. When it comes to my regular medicines especially INSULIN doses for each meal and BASAL too
    Also all the daily regular tablets…it needs DISCIPLINE.
    SAME…holds good for all the patients too.
    I try and write the specific purposes and timings of the prescribed meds…to help people!

  5. Discipline – as a noun sounds better than as a verb. The latter has a sense of punishment built in it. If one combines discipline with a routine which is akin to mindfulness, it frees the mind of repetitive conditioned thinking and brings out the creativity. But like most things there is an inertia to set the ball rolling and sustaining it. And to top it all, information overload and distractions around us are bound to astray us!

  6. Interesting
    Jim Rohan seems to infer from post-mortem of the difference between discipline and routine
    Look carefully-it is a thin line between these two
    as in many cases -for example pass and failure; intelligence and knowledge ;

  7. I also feel itโ€™s very important to have routine and follow it in a disciplined manner ! Makes life easy !

  8. I really like this one. Although, I have a set routine for my day I sometimes find my mind drifting away with the task at hand. I figure my mind and body get used to a pattern – same jogging path or same set of exercises at the gym. I find I am better focused when I mix things up – different jogging path or different exercises at the gym.

    1. The routine, Amit, is only a framework, a skeleton to which you add flesh. Providing variability within the structure is actually a good thing. The exploration will open up new ideas. In your case, regular jogging or exercise is the scaffolding; varying the type, intensity etc is a good thing to ensure that you stick at it, overall.

  9. Discipline is essential in all aspects of our life and it is
    required for every endeavour.

  10. Discipline- both mental n physical shld be the cornerstone in all our daily activities- with this attitude we can achieve a lot in our life.

  11. Repetitive routines, done at the same time every day ( other than those that are absolutely essential ) could set in boredom & a robotic like existence. Rather than being slaves of habit, we need to add some spice to life by breaking free, now & then, from confining ourselves into self restricting spaces. However, self- discipline must be a constant.
    Pre planning for the following day is a good habit- though each day need not be exactly like the previous one.
    Our personal time table needs flexibility to not allow for any regret.

  12. To lead a disciplined life, you need to know your limitations, especially when it comes to your time. Setting boundaries and saying no to things you don’t want to do or that are distractions makes room to accomplish what is essential and important

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