What’s this?

TTT has been around for almost 5 years. It’s a carefully curated list of articles from a wide range of sources on the Internet. Each month, about 10,000 articles are scanned and anywhere from a dozen to two dozen pieces are picked. I have been sending the selection out as a monthly listing and have received nothing but enthusiastic support for the selection. TTT is available free of cost. (Click here to enrol for the newsletter.)

To make the collection more useful, I have started putting the articles into a powerful, yet easy-to-use, database (Airtable).

  • This utility is offered in the spirit of a digital zettelkasten — a tribute to sociologist Niklas Luhmann (1927–1998). (Luhmann built up a zettelkasten of some 90,000 index cards for his research, and credited it for enabling his extraordinarily prolific writing (including over 70 books and 400 scholarly articles)).

This is a work in progress and I expect the process to go on for several months. Once complete, I am confident that it will be a small but useful knowledge base.

The utility is quite intuitive. You can play around with it and figure it out, quite easily. You can find a prettier version of the table, here.

WARNING: The tools (search, filter, sort …) will not appear on hand-phones. You will need to view the page on a tablet, laptop or desktop. Sorry!




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