21 comments on “Gratitude – the “flip side” of kindness”

  1. Doc Arjun your prescriptions are as always rooted in the fundamentals of what ought to make us human… The basic attributes that touch our souls when we are the recipients … Keep inspiring us all to be better versions of ourselves

  2. The philosophy of ‘That what you sow so shall you reap’ holds good. Kindness done finds a way of coming back to you. If someone else’s misery affects you deeply, be assured there is kindness and empathy in your heart which must overflow.

  3. Sir, Thank you so much for sharing the article with the heading ‘ Gratitude – The flip Side Of Kindness’ . Very thought provoking article. ,Worth saving & sharing repeatedly.

  4. So so true, and so well put. We try and inculcate it in our children , beginning with small things like thanking the staff at home speaking to them with respect so it becomes a part of their being when they branch off on their own.
    I really enjoy your Wednesday posts Arjun though I may not espond each time. Keep posting please. THANK YOU.

  5. Being grateful and kind are attributes that can keep mankind happy ! Wish everyone could adhere to this ! Love your posts !

  6. Liked the Idea of Gratitude. Every morning…Thanks to LIFE .. for another day 🌞🙏
    A Smile or A simple Thank you…is all it takes to express this..!
    Dr. Arjun thank you for being the Krishna to every Arjun in this Bhagawad Gita of constant learning to LIVE better !!

  7. We all have arrived at where we are because of many people’s help. We need to thank them repeatedly and help others in return. You have highlighted this well.

  8. No man is an island. So true all of us at some time or other have received help in some way. To acknowledge it alone is not enough it has to be passed on -it is a cycle. Do good to the world and the best will come back to you. Such a great statement. In short -don’t always receive but be a benefactor too. That is the best way of showing gratitude.

  9. Being grateful, kind, empathetic, appreciative & thankful are qualities that have been supported to not only make you a good person but also to boost mental & physical well being.
    These qualities bring contentment & a joy in purposeful living. We focus less on what we have less of . Makes us happier, less anxious & gives us better sleep.
    There was a time when the IQ was the main denominator for success in life. No longer so. Now added to this are EQ (Emotional Quotient) & SQ ( Social Quotient). Without these last two quotients everything gets derailed. So let’s remain on track & lead by example.

  10. “I am happy because I’m grateful. I choose to be grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy.”

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