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  1. Have been reading these for a while.. some quite inspirational some thought provoking and some.. mm.. stating the obvious…
    Wondered if you could add a story, a human interest story , real or even imagined, it would make it easier to connect ..

  2. Nice. I am not sure inspiration should be documented though. I still feel that a core essence of inspiration lies in the mystery of it, when experiencing it. Familiarity, even in retrospect, might dilute the weight of the moment.

    1. The documentation, Suman, is for the same reason that personal journal writing is so strongly recommended: insights into the working of your own self and expansion of your vision.

  3. For sometime now I have been seeking a sort of ‘sat sangh’
    Your message has given me a different perspective
    Will try and look inwards 🙏

  4. Great, inspired advice for inspiration! Good point that it is personal and not all people are inspired by the same thing.
    Maybe an app can be built to record the inspiring moments in one place in text, audio and video.

    1. There are quite a few mobile phone journaling apps that work seamlessly for recording images, sounds and text in this regard. Considering that we are never more than a few feet away from our phones, it’s a handy device for this purpose.

  5. The most important thing after feeling Inspired, is to Trust oneself & follow it up with action!
    The Line btwn vacillating & acting is quite thin!!

  6. Will try this out. This should give an opportunity to slow down to realise/cherish the best feelings/moments in between our busy schedules. Thanks sir!

  7. Yet another important topic you have chosen this time
    about INSPIRATION. It is an active process which is very
    essential for a person to taste the success both in personal
    life and in career.
    To achieve this we have to have a habit of inculcating
    the positive state of mind always.

  8. Beautifully articulated! These words unlock the door to the treasure mine (if explored), in the depths of what is for most of us, a fleeting moment of mute wonder, awe & inspiration, quickly pushed away in favor of “more practical “ activities. It is not surprising that lamas in some Tibetan monasteries are trained to experience sunrise and sunset as part of their daily spiritual discipline . “The cultivation of the Presence “ as it is termed in most spiritual paths…..

  9. inspiration sets the dormant thought into action.Deep down the ideas were there but requires a catalyst by way of triggering the action. There are many whose lives inspire us and guide us in our ambitions. Sometimes it’s a speech- a book -a humanitarian project and so many everyday happenings. There is an advantage in penning it – it serves to recall and to chart out the action plan.
    Inspiration can be fleeting otherwise and forgotten before emulating once the source is out of sight and day to day chores pervade the mind setting aside the lofty thoughts.

  10. A good idea to note down as true in today’s scenario when many thoughts cloud your mind a good way is to note down this will jerk the memory on reading it often
    Inspiration comes from within when you hear , meet or read something and each one is an individual and what inspires one need not inspire another

  11. Amidst our daily rush to complete tasks, we need inspiration to stay motivated n lead a full life. Best wishes. M. Alagappan

  12. “Gut feelings” or “instant inner flashes” have been guiding decision making for the most
    The issue is it has been never repeated and disappears sooner if not followed
    Mostly we fail to accept our inner inspirations and seek others’help and this may result in more confusion
    Is it equal to prayers without our own effort

  13. Wonderful food for thought!! I feel we all have our paroxysms of inspiration and contentment now and then. It may come through your work or daily routine or nature…but for all this one needs to apply brakes and should have their basic needs met with. The fast and furious race called life sucks your energy and time. I know this for a fact because it’s only when I took some time off work that I was able to “pause” and look around. I realised that there was so much I had missed, and it was all right in front of me!!.

  14. Sometimes one is forced into action without being inspired. This comes because of a necessity to cope with a sudden unexpected situation.
    However during the course of this action, an energy & enthusiasm develops , akin to inspiration, that becomes a motivation to continue. This has been a very satisfying, fulfilling & enabling personal experience.
    I refer to the sudden covid lockdown when all domestic help was released. This landed me in the kitchen, a place I had happily avoided all my professional years. Cooking being the last on my list of interests, I struggled to put together meals. I have come a long way since then , having graduated to being a reasonably good cook. Appreciation & praise have transformed what I earlier thought of as drudgery into an activity that adds joy & meaning to a mundane daily task. Sometimes, we need to look within to get our own style of inspiration.

    1. The existential school of philosophy would strongly support your experience, Shobha. Life is absurd when you examine it critically, but, if you take the effort, you can always find joy and inspiration in any simple act you do; sort of “giving the finger” to Life.

      1. You hit the nail on the head Arjun! Looking for “the joy” is the fast road to finding happiness.

  15. Inspiration is important as it plays a key role in unlocking creativity, increasing productivity, and boosting happiness

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