12 comments on ““Photographs and memories” when everyone has a camera”

  1. cameras is one of the most fantastic inventions of all times. I was looking at some old pics and I was wondering. Oh God did I look like that. pics of travelling enhances our knowledge. should be used as a teaching tool to enhance knowledge. No fiction there

  2. You cannot please all the people all the time. Some will be happy to see your fun-photos, some envious and some unmoved. Harmless faking could be fun. Turning it into an obsession is dangerous!

  3. Thank you sir for sharing the Article rel.to Photo Psychology. It has brought out the reality , indicates in a shuttle way what to look for & photos / snapshots are not life or truth . Thought provoking article sir .

  4. Yes , with smart phones n cameras it’s nice yo take quality pics n share them. Still, Best to act with restraint n take time to take n share only nice pics. Best.

  5. everyone has a camera,but the pictures aren’t the same..its the thought of a person which is expressed in the photos..very true that they impair memory, just like how we don’t remember phone numbers now! we should live the moment, but photos will rewind and we relive the moment..

  6. Some photos can be saved moments of love and happiness in life ๐Ÿ’ž
    I have seen many used to celebrate occasions and enjoy good times
    Selfies are a means image confusion

  7. I am always amused when I see people taking a ton of pictures with their phones at a typical tourist spot. They clearly miss out on the taking in the sights which defeats the purpose. I for one always prefer to take a few quality photos to capture the moment. Going forward, will certainly “journal the image”.

  8. This topic is related to another topic – “to live in the moment”. In the past, when I used to see something spectacular, I would instantly capture it in my camera, fearing that the moment may never come back, and in the process, fail to live in the moment. But now, I do my best to savour the moment and once I have taken it all in, just take a few shots. So basically I am living in the moment, enjoying it and at the same time capturing the image for my records! Yes, i must remember to journal them!

  9. Like books, photographs ( and videos) are all-weather companions & a source of great joy.
    For the elderly & lonely, they are a lifeline & have a very special connect. Loved ones who are far away, now donโ€™t feel so far.
    The value of photographs can be gauged from the wallpapers & screensavers on smart phones- with smiling faces of loved ones always with us.
    Cheers to all the Shutterbugs ๐Ÿฅ‚

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