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  1. A reassuring doctor, who gives time and listens to the patient provides 70% cure.

  2. was not aware of ” Nocebo” yes all of us have seen subjective clinical improvement which cannot be explained anatomivcally, physiologically or pharmacologically!!

  3. When a person suffers the pain of a ‘ phantom limb’ (which is a painful syndrome felt by an amputee or anyone who has lost a body part)who feels the body part is still with the person the management is similar to giving a placebo.( the pathway of pain is beyond describing here).The management
    is a combined Psychological approach akin to giving a placebo. It all depends on the mind of the patient who feels ‘cured ‘ of the pain./ Illness.

  4. Good bedside manners does have a placebo effect
    Time and again we have seen the nocebo effectvwhen Patient’s google our prescriptions

  5. Thank you for the insights into the placebo effects!
    Color , liquids , inhalations and injections as placebo s
    Injections work better is the perception in TN villages.
    When we were posted as CRRIs for rural postings in a PHC in Alamadi , a place near Redhills
    People used to come from nearby villages and specifically asking for injections for various illnesses
    When they were given medication plus injections
    They will take injections happily , most of the time it is vitamin based injections ( B12 – attractive red color).
    And while returning to the villages back , throw all the medicines in the paddy fields ( villagers used to make sarcastic comments-
    “ the yields are better with white colour tablets “

  6. I have read that the subconscious mind definitely has some miraculous healing powers (Ref Dr Joseph Murphy) but to what extent I am not sure. Besides the person receiving the treatment has to believe the process, surrender to the treating physician or healer, and, so the role of the healer, the way he/she convinces the patient is paramount. What i can’t digest is that will it work if the patient knows it’s a placebo?

    1. Apparently, yes, Shiva. One study, much reported, in patients with IBS showed precisely that: there was a therapeutic response even when patients knew they were getting placebos!

  7. The story of a fulfilled life revolves around how to keep the body & the mind fit, healthy & ticking.
    There are enough tips & tricks available to achieve this balance.
    Select what suits you best & remember to eat an apple a day –
    And all should be well.

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