9 comments on “Rules of thumb (heuristics) are often better than complex algorithms”

  1. Rule of Thumb 👍 helps in all matters… personal, professional and profitability
    & It’s a tried and tested Risk reduction strategy!

  2. Felt illuminated to read of German Psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer’s observation of a simple rule in a complex world vs a complex rule in a world supposedly simplified by technologically.🙇‍♀️

  3. Once you start doing your work, will gain the knowledge of completing quickly without much difficulties, because
    Of the experience gained over a period of years. This
    result oriented strategies/ practical knowledge can be
    Obtained only out of experience.

  4. Complex algorithms may appear very knowledgeable to the uninitiated but experience makes the task easier and with repetitions it becomes well honed.
    Algorithms can serve to guide the novice
    Rule of thumb/ gut feeling are well proven to be successful.. A judicious amalgam of both methodologies( if feasible) would serve well. Best is to always keep an open mind and choose wisely to select the best of both approaches.

  5. Agreed Sir
    Doing something based on practical experience is better than relying on theory

  6. I find one’s gut feeling and sixth sense really works well in most cases provided one has the knowledge on the subject !

  7. Rule of thumb
    Easy if you have adequate experience;
    Powerful as always get to a positive result
    ?-Remember Drona asked Ekalavya thumb which resulted in chaos in Mahabharata
    Logic is near equivalent to rule of thumb

    not always since sometime newer one has to feared with uncertain future
    Rule o

  8. Gut reaction , rule of thumb, whatever one may call it, is not some blind lashing out.
    The brain has sensed whats going on and, based on previous experience, felt, learnt, read; has responded.
    Western logic says that we take all facts, analyse logically and then make a decision.Vedanta tells you that, one has already made the decision, and uses logic to justify the same

  9. The brain behind Algorithms & AI is the human brain. “Big data”, with all its volume & complexity, needs a human brain to analyse it & sometimes even to correct it.
    Rules of the Thumb or The Sixth Sense or The Gut Feeling or The Third Eye – are all vetted by the brain & found to serve well in most situations.
    Lets not put all our eggs in one basket & use one or the other as best suits us.

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