21 comments on “The secret sauce for “Getting Things Done” – slow down”

  1. Yes. True..Slow and Steady wins the race.
    Haste makes waste..proverb coined by Englidh scholar Nicholas Udall in 1542 first noted in his translation of “Apophthegmes” by Erasmus of Rotterdam

  2. cant agree more…but even for that there should be a time limit…need to have a cut off to complete a job..or it may be difficult to complete

  3. This is a brilliant card, Dr.Arjun. I am totally guilty of this behaviour! The last bit on our fixed thinking rate is invaluable.

  4. That’s right it does help one to take one job at a time then to jump into a bundle of chores. Take the time bound ones first and segregate according to importance.
    Check lists are very convenient so you don’t omit anything especially prepping for exams packing for a trip organising meets and daily shopping etc.

  5. Calmness always helps us in achieving our task .
    Slow and steady to win the race eventually
    It’s another great subject of completing of our goals

  6. Feel happy with myself! Unknowingly I have been doing exactly this. Not under pressure to deliver. Things are at the pace I set.
    Thank you for the information.

  7. This is literally exactly what I need for today. I cannot tell you how timely this is. Thank you!

  8. Somehow , our daily priorities change so quickly n we react in a hurry.
    We need toblearn to do our tasks slowly. Best.

  9. Absolutely ☑️Agree 👍

    Step at a time
    …Gets things done


  10. Spot on Doctor! I have always felt I am at my efficient best when I don’t overwork! I am reminded by a quote that has stuck in my head, “ Effeciency is organised laziness”! The paradox baffled me, but now I know why! Thank you for breaking down so beautifully a thought I completely subscribe to but was too nervous to voice in this 🐝 world!!

  11. Nice 👌. Years ago, I remember reading a book called “Deep Work” by Cal Newport and another book called “Essentialism” by Greg McKeon. In some sense, both books advocate slowing down and focusing on doing things that matter. However, it has become hard these days as we live in a distracted world with a deluge of content from multiple sources, screaming at us for attention.

  12. I read a tip a few days ago. Just as we make a ‘ To do list’ , also make a ‘ To stop doing list’. In growing organizations, lots of things necessarily land on our desk. Urgent things need to be done as we also need to work for tomorrow. I have always wondered how political leaders manage with time. They have to do their jobs and play politics too.

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