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Teleworking: staying visible in the new reality of work

"Out of sight, out of mind": this well-worn aphorism has never been more valid than in the age of COVID. Memories fade over time. We begin to wonder if our colleagues think about us at all. Visibility is key to success at work. Staying on top-of-the-mind-recall is going to involve a new set of rules and behaviours, some of them awkward for the kind of person you are. ...
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Personal journals: a cheaper and more effective alternative to psychotherapy

A well-nurtured journal can be a remarkable asset for your personal and professional life. You will be in the company of a long list of famous people who owed their success to this device. It need not be a daily chore; just an archive of thoughts, emotions and ideas coming from within you. It can be as simple as a plain notebook or endowed with a range of rich features which are built into digital tools like Journal One, Evernote or Bear. ...
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Making meetings matter: do it like Bezos

Meetings are universally unpopular. Most of us see them as a waste of time and a drag on productivity. Jeff Bezos has a unique way of conducting meetings with focus and effectiveness. ...
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How to write a business narrative which will impress Bezos

A well thought-out, worded, structured and written document is, in the opinion of Bezos, the best way to communicate ideas across a group of people. Most of us balk at the prospect of writing because we have never received formal instruction on the process. This article outlines a 4-section framework for producing a good quality business narrative. ...
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A Walk Through the Brave New World of Healthcare Data Analytics

LONG FORM ARTICLE (White Paper): In keeping with all other areas of human activity, the years have seen a shift in medical technology from analogue to digital. Everywhere we turn, we keep seeing, reading or hearing about the rapidly expanding role of big data analysis and artificial intelligence. Computer power and software complexity have reached a point where hitherto fortressed domains are being breached. Healthcare data analytics hold the promise for being a dominant force in bringing about a much-needed change in the area of healthcare delivery. ...
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