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  1. This is such a valuable addition to my life. I am going to print it out and stick it on a wall. Looking at this everyday, and following through on even some of it, could transform my life!

  2. Purpose of life is to imbibe the qualities that you quoted
    and to follow accordingly to grow further. These are all
    the qualities required for our day to day life.
    Great inspiration sir.

  3. It’s so true. We do best what we have a passion for. We are blessed if we find it early in life.

    Loved your post about slowing down… that is a wise way of living mindfully

  4. This fulfilment can be achieved by mindfulness or meditation. I’ve seen huge change in my life. It’ll tick all the boxes like attaining true freedom, shrinking our ego, and purpose in life.

    1. Mindfulness is the key to purposeful living. Like physical exercise and muscle strength, it too has to be worked upon continuously. There is no one time fix. Meditation is the time honoured portal to this gift. I am so glad to hear of the large changes that it has made in your life, Ananda Kumar. I have been a meditator for decades and cannot think of my day beginning without the practice.

  5. Can’t overstate the importance of meaningful connection’s – the one’s that really matter. The best conversations I have had is when I have reached out for help/guidance. Those connections have always opened many doors.

    1. True, Amit. We can’t do it all. There are situations when meaningful discussion with people we respect, is a vital skill.Having the ability to identify those moments is a skill that has to be cultivated.

  6. When you love your job whatever obstruction comes to block your way forwards by rules or persons treat it as an adventure to overcome to ascend the path to success. In the advise of SwamiVivekananda ” a river becomes a raging torrent when it comes across any obstruction and overcomes the block”
    Fulfilment to me as a medical faculty came when years later at conferences or functions my former students who have reached the top acknowledged me as their role model/ guru.
    All the problems or troubles and heartache undergone had melted in the pride of sharing in my students success.This is true of the feelings of any teacher. A sense of fulfillment pervades our soul.

    1. Wonderful thoughts and sentiments from someone with decades of experience as an academic surgeon, teacher and administrator. As you point out, Sri, there is no sense of fulfilment that beats “the pride of sharing in my student’s success.”

  7. Fully agree with this advice 👌 Keeping this in mind, would reduce the habit of cribbing 👍 so essential for peace & fulfilment.

  8. Fulfilment is:
    1. Doing what you love to do
    2. Giving without expecting returns and charity
    3. Bringing joy in another one’s life.

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