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  1. “Stay in the comfort zone”, says this sterling piece of intellectual spanking. I wish I had heard more of this in my life to-date. “The goal is to not feel a sense of struggle with action”? I struggled with that, I did. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to the humanity of the soul that created this fine addition to my toolkit for life!

  2. The way to maintain your will power is to do doable tasks when you are fresh and energetic. Thereafter with the confidence gained set higher targets. This will ensure retention of charge of the battery (will power) to further enhance your work. Unrealistic goals are a recipe for failure.

  3. What a realistic analogy
    Will power and Won’t power need Powering like a Battery does!
    Every single day the SUN ๐ŸŒž provides the BATTERY ๐Ÿ”‹ POWER to the ๐ŸŒ WORLD

  4. yes Arjun..i quite totally agree with your thoughts, and that,doing anything consistently gives you a sense of inner power,which can be translated into useful activities…the charger can vary among individuals…the important point is we should not overcharge too๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The basis of will power is always in a spirit of – what more can I do towards acheiving Excellence …

  6. The old adage, ‘No pain no gain’ was probably intended to emphasise that behind success there is effort and behind good efforts there is some pain to overcome. Will power in some situations is also about overcoming pain. All monumental success in many endeavours have come through monumental efforts often accompanies by lots of pain and setbacks to overcome.

    1. And, Sairam, the experience and tolerance of pain is very personal and subjective. Still, I think pushing the boundaries of our tolerance, although seen as heroic, is mostly counter-productive.

  7. Will power is like inside infection perseverance spreads to every cell and ends in fulfilment

  8. Willpower is that inner voice that helps you overcome temptation.
    Temptation is the devilish thought that destroys your long-term goals with short term gratification.
    Willpower in the long run keeps your thoughts and actions well honed to achieve your long-term goals.Setting realistic goals keeps the willpower from running down . Small successes serve to charge your inner battery to achieve greater heights. At the same time defeats should serve as a challenge to carry on the task without giving in and getting depressed.
    Life always has its ups and downs it’s not always rosy nor is it grey( or black) and it’s in us to charge up and keep going making the best of the situation.

  9. I started to use buckets to slot tasks – Important, Urgent, Parking lot. The important bucket was non negotiable and got all my attention from 9 to 10am everyday. Then I added my gym time as non negotiable and fixed. This consistency gave me incredible results and became my little super power!

    1. Yes, Amit. Small tasks, done with regularity, add up to the will power bank. It’s a misconception to see it as an “on-off” phenomenon.

  10. I agree with the last quote about doing the important thing first when one has maximum. energy. However there are a few around me who feel that this is an individualized thing and that different people have different time preferences to do the most important thing.

    1. There is a lot of information about the biological clock influencing our peak energy. This need not always be in the early part of the day. SOme of us are early birds and some night owls. The important thing is to find the time period and work with it.

  11. Will power is like a tree which has strong and deep roots.
    It is a key to success.

  12. Always followed โ€˜ No pain , no gainโ€™
    Your message has got me to rethink on this
    Thanks Sir ๐Ÿ™

  13. Very interesting. I was sure it was inherited not acquired. You see parents and children having the same characteristics. But I also wonder if resistance to physical and mental issues are one and the same.

    1. Thanks, PTK. We have been primed to believe that will power is a gift; the experts tell us the opposite – it’s a quality that we can build and grow.

  14. I experience that when I practice Pranayama it seems to increase my will power. Some texts on Yoga mention that one effect of Pranayama is
    the strengthening of Iccha Shskthi “

    1. Thanks Balu for your insight based on your decades of experience with Indian knowledge systems.Yoga and pranayama are powerful tools for charging the battery of willpower.

  15. Yes, persistence & perseverance on a daily basis, howsoever small or insignificant, is definitely uplifting. Keep inching forward & the will power battery will stay alive.

  16. Absolutely true! What’s surprising is the fact that we can stay in our comfort zone and try….I like this very much…It’s the age old conditioning that has to be broken and we must learn from each experience, success or failure!!

  17. A doable goal for everyday success – “Make your bed every day after you get up” If you do it that is first goal you have achieved. This will lead you to achieve all the doable goal throughout the day and days to come and then the biggest goal will be the most doable goal.

  18. When things go wrong. You are ready to give in. At one point you fight it and come out of it without too much harm done to yourself. That’s willpower.

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